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Hello Fall

Last weekend was the Region 6 Dressage Championships. Of course, we were there being Debonaire! What a fantastic group of competitors, show staff, volunteers and vendors. And the horses! Oh MY! These were some of the top horse and rider combinations in the Pacific Northwest- What a privilege to watch them compete. I was in heaven!

Speaking of heaven, we are happy to announce the addition of two new members to our Debonaire Mare family: Santos and Zoebird. Santos is a two year old German Riding Pony colt that stole my heart and turned me to mush, and Zoebird is a 4 year old QH/Percheron mare that is Aimee's personal unicorn, who also turns me to mush. These are two of the kindest, gentlest, most wonderful steeds that have ever walked on this earth. And they are both SO DEBONAIRE!

Zoebird! SMOOSH!!!!

Santos begging for hugs and cookies-in that order!

Can you even stand them? Yeah, me neither.

With horses as Debonaire as Zoebird and Santos, we are really having to up our style game (Ok, maybe not Aimee, because she OWNS the style game, but I am having to up my game for sure!). This is a big deal to me, so hear me out. As you know I push looking your best every day, so that you can perform your best every day. But that is only part of the equation. We expect our horses to be athletes, and to be beautiful, and impeccably turned out. But what about ourselves? Do you see yourself as an athlete? If not, you should, and you should treat yourself accordingly. Go see a nutritionist, dietitian (or Janet Nesbit, our favorite Juice Plus gal), and get some time in with a persona trainer that will take the time to understand the mechanics of being an equestrian. You can thank me later.

Marilyn Monroe. An Icon Forever.

That other part of the equation, is my favorite topic: Being Debonaire. Being Debonaire is more than just having a nice pair of breeches and a snappy sunshirt. It is about details, and one of those details is your skin care. That is why we offer Nerium anti-aging skin care products. This great line not only addresses the visible signs of aging, but helps repair damage, leaving your skin looking and feeling great. I have been using it for a year and a half, and my skin has never been better. Feel free to drop me a line to talk about how our products can help you achieve your most Debonaire self.

Nerium Power Trio! Day Crean, Night Cream, and Eye Serum.

So now that you will be treating your body like the temple it is, go see your horse. Give him (or her) a cookie and a kissie from me, and I'll get off my soap box.

Until Next Time My Beauties-


PS. What is up with my font/spacing changing halfway thru this post?! Such is the life of the technologically challenged. Sigh.

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