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New! BIG Adventures!

Tomorrow Jean and I leave for the Spokane Sport Horse Dressage Show. This will be our first trip out of our "neighborhood." We packed up the entire shop into a certain someone's horse trailer that left this morning. We get to fly, because reasons, and will arrive tomorrow afternoon.

A few items didn't make it onto the trailer. Luckily they will fit into luggage! Two days equaled 7 days in UPS land, so a last minute arrival are our gorgeous Equi In Style sun shirts, and boy are they nice! I can't wait for you all to see them (and see you in them)! We will have these lovelies, in the navy American color, pictured, a stunning pink with navy panels, and capri (beautiful, kinda reminds me of a Mai Tai) with white mesh.

OOOH! AND we just got a few really nice pieces from Atelier CG, an incredible jewelry, and leather goods designer out of L.A., just for you. These guys made it onto the trailer, and I have been DYING to show everyone, but wanted to keep them a surprise for the show. So no digging around in random trailers trying for a sneak peak!

If sun shirts and jewelry weren't enough, check out the matching halter, belt, brow band, stockpin, and bracelet set Browbands By Jayne made for us in the exclusive Deboniare Mare pattern! Just say the word, and she will make you a custom set in your colors/style. These guys missed the bus too; I am wondering how fit them into my luggage.

For those of you beauties that will not be making the trek to Spokane this weekend, please shoot an email our way, or message us on Facebook and we will be happy to bring all of these goodies, and more, to your barn or home for a personal showing.

Be Debonaire!

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