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Things Are Heating Up

Summer is in full swing here in Boise, ID. The temperatures are hitting 100+degrees F, and the nights are staying high 70's-low 80's. It is hot. However warmer temperatures are no excuse to be anything less than Debonaire.

Outfit yourself for the heat in our spiffy Harmony breech from Equeteck and a EIS sunshirt. The weight of the Harmony breech insures you will be cool and flattered, as will the IceFill technology, 50 upf sun shirt. The cool (see what I did there) thing about IceFill fabrics is that they will help decrease the temperature at your skin by 5 degrees F. Please remember a wide brimmed hat. I like straw hats the best, but you could always pick up a Debonaire Mare ball cap and be just as spiffy.

Summer temperatures pose challenges for staying hydrated. Here in Boise, it is a dry heat, so us Debonaire gals are big fans of facial spray mineral waters. Choose one with a refreshing scent for an extra cooling treat! Of course, drink your water! It is especially important to drink before you feel thirsty. I cannot stress this enough. Take a few sips at regular intervals throughout your day, and avoid sugary, and caffeine laden soft drinks, and teas. If you need electrolytes, Pedialyte or Emergen-C are good choices, and I always have them handy when I go to the barn, horse shows (come to our booth and get some if you need!), or any outdoor activity in the summer months.

No summer day is complete with out sunscreen. Remember your ears!!! If you always wear makeup, put on your sunscreen before your foundation, and choose a foundation with SPF for extra protection. Our Rae Cosmetics Climate Control Mineral Tint offers SPF 20 in addition to being sweat and waterproof. It is a beautiful natural looking foundation, perfect for being Debonaire on show day, or everyday!

I love the long summer days, and with a little preparation I can be sure to Be Debonaire no matter how hot it gets around here.

See you at The Barn!!

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